Polyester fiber panel is made of 100% polyester fiber. It is a good acoustic and decorative material with characteristics of environmental friendly, heat insulation, mildew proof, easy cutting, easy removal and simple installation etc. There are varieties of patterns and colors and can be used to meet different styles and requirements.



Material: polyester fiber
Standard thickness: 9mm/12mm
Size per piece: 1220mmx2420mm
Fire retardant: available
Customization: color, pattern,size, thickness,etc, are available for customization.
Installation: use glue,nail or velcro


Made of 100% polyester fiber.
With excellent sound absorbing performance. The NRC can be up to 0.94.
Easy to cut by knife
Easy to install by glue or nail
Good physical stability, will not inflate or shrink due to the change of temperature
Soft and natural texture. It will not get broken under huge impact of high elasticity.
Easy dust removal and easy maintenance by vacuum cleaner or feather duster.
Can customize 3D polyester panel

Polyester Absorber Panel