Product Overview

8/8/1 panel is a simple union between perforations in a high recyled content.16/16/6 focuses the sound absorption spectrum in the mid range frequencies while maintaining some of the higher frequencies.

8/8/1 Wooden Micro-Perforated Panel


Auditorium,Conference rooms,Office,Gymnasiums,Schools,Lecture Center,etc.


Techinical Characteristics

Basic Material:Normal MDF,E1MDF,FRMDF,Mgo Combination Board etc. Front Finish:Melamine,Natural Wood Veneer,Laminate,Paint,etc.
Back Finish:Black Fleece.
Standard Size: L600xW600mm,L1200xW600mm(alternate lengths and widths are available)

Standard Thickness:12/15/18mm
Formaldehyde Emission:Can meet both China&EU Standard Class E1 Flame Retardant:Can meet China Standard Class B,BS476 Part 7 Class 1,etc. Pattern:32/32/8;32/32/6;16/16/6;16/16/6;16/16/3;8/8/3;8/8/1;10/10/1

8/8/1 Micro perforated acoustic panel